Hannover (Part 1).

Alhamdulillah we have safely arrived in Hannover, Germany after the journey has taken up almost 24 hours of our time. Currently it is 0417 (local time) and I couldn’t put back into sleep so I think it would be good if I can posted something here.

* * *

Dainal has a meeting to attend here; and I am just being a good wife in tagging him along. We will be spending just a week and of course we won’t be that long to cover other European countries, even though my heart screams for that. Better luck next time.

* * *

Some photos of us when we first arrived in Frankfurt:







October Nineteenth.

Emran El Ghazali is One.

Time does fly. I still remember the day when I am confirmed pregnant with Emran. The double lines; the positive result; the smiles of D. The morning sickness; the Sundays in KMC; the blood test and every single thing Dainal and I have gone through together. Days, weeks and months following the loss of our first baby was incredibly difficult and painful. I had nothing but faith that the joy will re-visit someday. Ems presence meant a lot to us. Our lost baby and Ems; they are the ones who taught me it is okay to grieve… then love again.

* * * * *

Dear Son,

Happy 1st Birthday. No words can even describe how much Ummi & Daddy love you. No amount of gold could ever compare to the love you share. It’s not everyday someone like you comes our way. You’re a gift to be taken care until we die. Our journey is almost over, but yours my son, has just begun.

How the year goes by;
How time can certainly fly.

* * * * *

We had a small celebration at home, but filled with nothing but Love. I would like to thank everyone who made their efforts for joining Dainal & I in celebrating Ems birthday. It was a hit with your love, presence and generous gifts.





out & about | Highland

Ever since we got married, Dainal and I tried our best to have spent the time together during the weekend. Note that were separated by the distance for a year, our weekends were beautifully cherished, usually. We didn’t care much about the stay or whatever, as long as there are two of us.

Then, Emran came into the picture.

The story was a little bit different when we had a baby. There was no time spent reading on the beach or sleeping in. There was no time spent hiking the hills or sunset viewing. We decided to go to Cameron Highland last January, with the three months baby. The trip took us about five hours journey from home and we spent three days eating vege and drinking tea. Eh kidding!

Travelling with a baby requires a big portion of your patience and time but at the end of the day, you know you have been a good parent to him. I just discovered upon checking the photos I took, only a few in my DSLR but hundreds in my iPhone. There was no time. You just got to point-and-shoot all the time. It was a perfect time to abandon your skills and whatever. You had something bigger to look at — your baby. But like I have said earlier, you just knew you did it the right way —

Even though you could only find less than ten decent photos in the folder.









No to racism.

The most awaited GE13 did happen, and everyone knows who the winner is. By a simple majority BN re-governed themselves once again, denying the PR to verify their capability. Fine. Best man win. Best party in. Unfortunately, one mistake most of us do now (post-GE13) is blaming each other for our own satisfaction. We chant racial statements; we spread detestation and fitnaa; we claim hatred from people around us. Without we realize, we are no longer Malaysians, but divided into our own racial classes (Malay, Chinese, Indian, others).

I believe most of you are educated enough to know the blame game will not get us anywhere. Being racist in your own sphere means one thing – you’re still in limbo, unclear about yourself and others.

DS Najib was not happy, everybody can tell. He claimed the ‘chinese tsunami’ has arrived on the Fifth May. Really? Maybe. The UMNO-supporters are using the winning-seats from DAP, tuning it into racial sentiments. I got it. Definitely. But it left me with one difficulty, why, if it is true? What caused this situation to be happening, regardless all the efforts and hard work to win the Chinese and other non-Malays?

The answer could be within us, the Malays. We accused them on being racist and we are doing the same thing, at the same time, too. From the beginning, we live in fear. We heard things and we live our days by believing ‘those’ things. We fail to learn that our roots and cultures are different. We fail to enjoy our differences. We fail to celebrate our dissimilarities; if we choose to still chanting on racial sentiments. Guys, we live in this country as ONE. So be it.

Stop the blame game. Stop being racist.
It’s sickening.


Dear DS Najib;

I hope you are clearly understood, 505 was not an easy win. With a simple majority; worst election performance – nothing to be proud of. But already, people have made their choices. BN has been re-elected once again, and it means one thing. Deliver your promises. I know you will face the hard time re-structuring the cabinet since many names have gone down the dream. I certainly wish the lines will meet the people’s need. Just a gentle reminder, the opposition is stronger than before. Anwar could not be defeated; Nurul Izzah stays; Rafizi is in. The seats increased. Well, you do the math.

Dear PR supporters;

If you think you are fighting for a better Malaysia, do not stop. NEVER.
Remember, Rome was not built in a day.